Thursday, 18 August 2016


Something VERY unexpected has happened...

pip pip hooray biscuits

Somehow, and believe me when I say I really don't know how, I have been nominated for The Bloggers Blog Awards. If you're not a blogger and you know nothing about what this means it basically means that somewhere out there there are lovely people who think my blog is the best food blog online. This is crazy. I am full of thoughts like 'this is probably a mistake', 'I wonder when they'll realise I'm not a very good blogger' and mostly 'WHAT?!'.

This surprise comes at the most amazing time for me as, you may have realised, I haven't written blog post for a while. I was actually in the middle of writing a post all about how the blogging community was starting to feel a little negative and I was thinking of getting out. Turns out there is a lot of positivity out there and this little burst of positive energy has motivated me to get back to blogging. So please come back as I have some lovely posts, foodie and travel mostly, to pop up here very soon.

Basically all I want to say is THANK YOU! Thank you to those who voted for me, thank you to those who still come and check my little bit of the internet and also thank you to those who sent me such lovely tweets after the award shortlist went up. I really encourage you to have a look through the list (on the Bloggers Blog Awards link above) and vote for your favourites. Obviously I would love it if you voted for me but I hope this gushy post sums up my happiness at just being shortlisted so just once more, THANK YOU!

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  1. Congratulations! I just discovered your blog through the awards and I'm loving it! So glad you're pushing through all this weird negativity at the moment and focusing on the great stuff. Congrats again - you've got my vote!

    1. Thank you so much Victoria, the last few weeks have been a bit crazy but I'm getting back on track with blogging and your support means so much! Thanks! x


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