Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Stable Wassail

A little while ago I got an email from the lovely Lana asking if I wanted to come along to a Hampshire Bloggers event at The Stable in Winchester. She also told me that it would involve drinking cider and eating lots of pizza. Obviously I was in!

The Stable in Winchester

I grabbed one of my closest friends, Sarah, and we arrived ready to learn all about cider. We were both driving though so our tasting was done in very little sips!

First up on the cider tasting was Tutts Clump with delicious ciders from West Berkshire. Tim has been making cider since 2006 and he talked us through the cider making process and also told us that many commercial ciders are 70% water, which I was quietly horrified by! Their ciders however are 100% fruit juice which makes them extra delicious.

Tim from Tutts Clump Cider

Tutts Clump cider at The Stable Wassail

After trying all the ciders that Tim bought along with him I can confirm that my favourite was the Black Berry. I love fruit ciders and this one with is made with apple juice and black berry juice hit all the right spots!

After this first round of tasting, or in mine and Sarah's case sipping, we were treated to The Stable's extensive and yummy pizza menu.

pizza menu at The Stable

pizza at The Stable Wassail

The slice at the top, which I had tucked in to before remembering to take a photo, was The Billy The Kid and was covered in goats cheese, onions and roasted hazelnuts and was seriously good. I also tried The Fresh Hawaiian which was basically a normal Hawaiian pizza with avocado added so you couldn't really go wrong! But the bottom piece was a new creation which involved curried goat and potatoes and was one of the most delicious pizzas ever!

After we had all had our fill of pizzas it was on to round two of sipping cider with Fosseway Cider. All the way from Somerset their Somerset Glory cider was really tasty. It had just the right apple hit and a sweet undertone. Yummy.

fosseway cider

cider tasting at The Stable

After the Fosseway Cider we were treated to some very chocolatey and gooey brownies, which naturally we all stood around and took pictures of for a while!

chocolate brownies at The Stable Wassail

Just as Sarah and I had to leave we were about to leave were were presented with the most wonderful goody bag to take back with us. Full of cider, t-shirts and a really nice tea towel it was a such a kind and lovely gift to take back with us.

goody bag from The Stable Wassail

A huge thanks to Lana for organising the event and another huge thanks to The Stable in Winchester for having us and feeding us so well.

(What would your dream pizza topping be..?)

* The afternoon was provided free of charge but all views and love of cider are my own!


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