Sunday, 7 February 2016

Breakfast at Darwin Brasserie

It's well known by now that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I also quite enjoy playing tourist in my own city. So when I was given the opportunity to combine the two at Darwin Brasserie at the top of 'The Walkie Talkie' I was frankly pretty excited.

20 Fenchurch Street, The Sky Garden

The fella and I have talked about going up to the Sky Garden for ages but never actually got round to doing it so we were both in a breakfast thrill by the time we got there.

After zooming up the 36 floors to the Brasserie we stepped out of the lift and were greeted with amazing views of London.

view from Darwin Brasserie

We were also greeted by a host of very friendly waiters and waitresses and shown to 'their best table'. We had views over the whole city and it was incredible! 

We had a look through the breakfast menu and as we were there to review the new porridge bar we tried to choose between the various delicious sounding toppings.

porridge bar at the darwin brasserie

The fella went for the banana and blueberry and Manuka honey with a latte and I went for raspberry, pomegranate and coconut with a pot of earl grey.

We both asked for our porridge to be made with milk although the option for it to be made with water or soya milk is there if you're that way inclined!

(Seriously craving raspberries as I look at that picture!)

From 7am daily you can get your bowl of pinhead porridge topped with either of the toppings we had or kiwi and mango or pear and cinnamon compote. And if I were you I would see if you can get the table in the far corner, serious views to be had!

porridge and the view at The Darwin Brasserie

I love porridge and I love London so this really is the perfect stop for a special breakfast. It is a little more pricey than your average bowl of oats but I genuinely think it is worth it for a treat. There was a group behind us having a birthday breakfast and the restaurant bought over a little brownie with 'Happy Birthday' written in chocolate on the board, not that I was spying on them or anything..!

After breakfast we went for a roam around the Sky Garden and joined everyone in taking huge amounts of photos. Unfortunately we couldn't go out on to the viewing platform due to the high wind but if you push your camera right up to the glass it still come out pretty well!

Breakfast at The Darwin Brasserieview over London from The Sky Garden

The day was getting greyer and greyer by the minute and we vowed to come back on a bright sunny day and hang around until sunset. There's also a restaurant above the Brasserie that I really want to check out too sometime. Maybe during sunset, two birds, one stone and all that!

view at The Darwin Brasserie

Breakfast at The Darwin Brasserie

As you may have noticed in my breakfast post I have a bit of a thing for porridge and I really do recommend popping up to Darwin Brasserie for a bowl sometime. If porridge isn't your thing they also have a menu full of delicious sounding breakfast classics all served until 11am.

So treat yourself and maybe even someone you love to breakfast with a view and start your day off right.

(What's your favourite porridge topping? Inspiration in always appreciated!)

*This breakfast was free in exchange for a review but as always all opinions and a low of porridge are my own.


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  1. What a lovely place for breakfast x



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