Sunday, 24 January 2016

Prague: What to see and what to eat.

The fella and I have become quite partial to little Ryanair getaways and this time we headed off to Prague. There's something so lovely about visiting a place neither of you have been before (or at least I don't remember going as I was so small) and as we flew in over snow sprinkled fields we were very excited to get out and explore.

snow covered fields in Prague

A friend of my parents very kindly leant us their apartment just by Charles Bridge so we were lucky enough to be walking distance to everything we wanted to eat and see!

view from Charles Bridge Prague

On the first day we got straight out and went exploring. I had been given the names of a few places to go to and as always we had both done a huge amount of research into places we wanted to go and restaurants we wanted to try.

I'd like to say that we don't base our trips around food but that would just be a massive lie! The first thing I wanted to try was a Trdelnik. Sweet dough is wrapped round a metal rod and then baked over a grill before being slid off and dunked into cinnamon, sugar and chopped nuts. What's not to love?

Trdelnik in Prague

We spent all day just roaming around dipping in and out of stores we liked the look of and taking a lot of photos. While looking for that perfect view of the city we climbed up the hill to the castle in time to see the midday changing of the guard. The castle dates from the 9th century and is still the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and at twelve on the dot everyday the military band strikes up and the tourists race to the gates to get a good view (we decided to hang back and watch the battle of selfie sticks take place from a distance!)

Prague castle changing of the guard

prague castle changing of the guard

After the change we went for a wander around the hill and spent a fair amount of time taking photos and admiring the gothic architecture and the gargoyles of St.Vitus Cathedral.

view from prague castle

One of the dinners we had while we were in Prague was at ńĆestr, the most delicious steak restaurant I have ever eaten at! For around £19 each we had a glass of wine, a starter, a first course, a steak and as many sides as we could manage and it was all utterly brilliant! 

first course and steak at Cestr in Prague

One morning we set our alarms and got up for sunrise. This was mostly so the fella could play with his new tripod and set up the perfect shot on his fancy camera. I however went for a quick snap on my phone and then got my hands straight back in my pockets and into hibernation mode! 

charles bridge in prague at sunrise

view from charles bridge in prague at sunrise

Of course after an early and very cold start to the day the only thing that would revive me was breakfast! So we set of in search of Cafe Savoy where we enjoyed a huge breakfast in a very chic french cafe. We ordered the Savoy breakfast, which came with the richest hot chocolate I have ever had in my life and also the french toast. It was all seriously good, and we rolled out of the cafe to head back to the apartment for a nap and to warm up.

breakfast at Cafe Savoy in Prague

On the way back we also stopped by the John Lennon wall to check out the graffiti and artwork.

John Lennon wall in Prague

That afternoon was all about playing tourist so we put our walking boots on and wandered over to the Old Town Square to see the Astronomical Clock do it's thing. I wouldn't usually go out of my way on holiday to see a clock but as it's the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world (it was installed in 1410) I thought I better go and have a look. On the hour the clock sets itself in motion and a little window opens where wooden figures of the twelve apostles stick their heads out to say hello to the crowd which has gathered below. Although not the highlight of anyone's trip it is amazing to think it is still working over 600 years later and is worth a look if your near the square.

prague astronomical clock

We had a delicious lunch at a little cafe called Sisters, which I seriously recommend if you don't want anything too huge and fancy trying some traditional Czech flavours. They serve small pieces of rye bread topped with loads of different combinations of toppings and they make a mean soup!

lunch at sisters bistro in Prague

On our last night we wrapped up very warm and went for a walk around the city. There's something about cities at night, they have a different feel to them altogether and everything seems to glow gold under the light of the street lamps.

prague at night

We walked and walked until we came to our final food destination. I don't want to get all dramatic here but this dinner may well have changed my life. For it was in Naso Maso where I had the best burger I have ever eaten. The store is first and foremost a butchers but if you fancy a bite to eat you can order steak tartar, a steak, a burger or a hotdog from 7pm. If you go, which you definitely should, it will almost certainly be busy and there will almost certainly be a queue but wait. Please wait. The burger is cooked and seasoned to perfection and quite frankly I will never forget eating that burger while sitting on the window sill in a little butchers wondering why on earth I didn't live in Prague so I could be closer to them!

burger at Naso Maso in Prague

Drama aside, the picture does it no justice at all but if you're ever in Prague and you like burgers just promise me you will seek it out!

We walked in a burger daze back to the apartment to catch our ride to the airport for our late night flight and tried to work out when we could come back to one of the most delicious cities I had ever been to!

view of charles brige in prague

(Have you ever been to Prague? What was your favourite bit? And if not when are you going to go and get that burger?!)



  1. Prague looks amazing - I've never been but I'd definitely consider it after your post <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Oh you really should when you get the chance, it's such a great place!


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