Wednesday, 27 January 2016

#BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

A few months ago I got an email from LDN Meet Up (a bloggers community) about an opportunity to have a few drinks in the newly sculpted Ice Bar London. Obviously I signed up right away and frantically stalked the other bloggers going!

ice bar london rocks wall painting

After a little snoop around the shops on Regent Street I arrived and was greeted with a huge and delicious cocktail. We all mingled in the bar waiting for our turn to go and face the ice. I ended up bumping into a few of the girls who came along to my blogger dinner at Brioche and we expertly positioned ourselves by the door so that we could catch the trays of nibbles first!

girls at bloggers below zero at ice bar london

mini burgers at #BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

We were then all gathered into one place and Tom, the marketing manager, gave a little speech about the bar and won us all over with his understanding and respect for bloggers. Molly, from the Phoenix Magazine, also spoke to us about the magazine and again how often she works with bloggers. They basically just won at blogging event speeches!

We then had a few more cocktails before it was out time to head in to the Ice Bar itself.

cocktails at #BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

Just before entering the bar we had huge thick hooded capes thrown over our heads and were immediately grateful for them when we stepped into the -5 degree room.

star ice sculpture at #BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

wall art at #BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

The room is made entirely of sustainably sourced ice from the Torne River in Sweden and the decoration on the walls achieved by tattooing the ice with a special ice tattooing tool!

Megan and I headed to the bar and picked out a couple of drinks from the delicious cocktail menu and were handed our ice cups. You should know that although the drinks look really small they're not at all. They are actually deceptively big and for any of you wondering, yes I was worried my lip would stick to the cup but no it didn't!

#BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

the bar at the ce Bar London

cocktail menu and ice cups at the Ice Bar London

The theme in the bar is changed once a year and at the moment it's all about rock. There are guitars and rockstars etched into the walls and the highlight was the huge skull you could walk into. There are skulls on the bar and even a rock throne to sit and pose in. Obviously rock music blares out of the speakers and you can't help but dance along a little (mostly just to try and keep warm!)

skull at the Ice Bar London

ice skull at Ice bar London

I will be the first to admit that I thought the Ice Bar might be a bit underwhelming and touristy but I was so wrong! It is such good fun and a really unique experience. Perfect for a surprise gift for someone you're trying to impress or just someone you like! But just remember to put your gloves on before picking up your drink. I learnt that lesson for you!

#BloggersBelowZero: Ice Bar London

(Where's the strangest place you've enjoyed a drink? Oh and if you don't mind a shameless plug, keep an eye on my twitter as there's lots of exciting reviews to come!)

*The evening spent at the Ice Bar was free in exchange for a review but as always all opinions are my own. 

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