Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Here are a few things I like: blogging, burgers, nice people and Christmas.
Here are a few things I don't like: being too full to finish my dinner and my favourite pop up restaurants moving out of town.

The little bloggers event I organised a few weeks ago involved all of these things and then we added in some cheese for good measure.

This photo is completely and utterly stolen (with permission) from Kate

I wanted to organise a relaxed evening involving some lovely people and a lot of delicious food and when Brioche sent me their Christmas set menu I knew I had found my where, I organised a when and then all I needed was my who.

There were seventeen of us on the night and of course we went for a group cracker pull which resulted in lots of giggles and equal amounts of silly hats! The food then arrived and my goodness it was good! Brioche are always whipping up delicious things in that little kitchen but that night they blew me away. They had all our orders for burgers spot on and the sides were plentiful and cheese-covered!

food at Bloggers Christmas Burger

We had cheesy fries, curley fries, cheese and bacon croquettes, a seriously yummy slaw (which I might try and get the recipe for) and also a spinach and cucumber salad smothered in parmesan. Basically it was all ruddy delicious!

Just when we all thought that we couldn't possibly eat anymore we were presented with one of the best sticky toffee puddings I have ever eaten (and believe you me, I have had more than my fair share!)

girls pulling crackers at Bloggers Christmas Burger

People really felt the need to go home and have a lie down after dessert so I sent everyone off with a little goody envelope with a few really kindly donated gifts inside.

gift bag
Sass and Belle - Bird Nail File
Bee Good - Cream Cleanser
Letterbox Gifts - Discount Code

I was so concerned about making sure people were having a good time/making sure I finished all my food that I didn't really take any photos (minus ten blogging points), so instead I shall send you in the direction of some of the lovely girls who came and who did take photos and let them tell you all about the night too!

I also didn't get round to taking a group picture which I regret so I'll just have to make sure I plan another one and do it then.

(keep an eye out on my twitter for future events, there are plans in the making...)


  1. This looks like such a fantastic night, so hungry for burgers now :)

    1. Just seeing the pictures while replying to you have made me hungry too! Thanks for stopping by :)


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