Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015: A Year in Review

I wasn't planning on doing one of these posts but after reading a few I thought it was such a good way to look back on the best bits of the year and it also provided me with a chance to go back though all my photos and reminice!


2015 kicked off with two of my closest friends and lots of pizza. It was a fairly uninteresting month which was mostly spent helping to direct a Greek comedy at uni (probably should learn to say no to things like this..!)

pizza picnic


The beginning of February saw the Greek play come to an end and with it the loss of a tremendous weight on my shoulders and also an significant increase of spare time! At the end of the month, as a family, we took a spontaneous over-night trip to Paris. We did a lot of walking and ate way too much for and it was great! 

Notre Dame in Paris


March was full of theatre trips, Matilda, an arty film thing at the Battersea Arts Centre and also after a huge stroke of luck and checking my emails just at the right second I got to go and see Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow at The Old Vic. Not much else happened really just lots of uni.

London southbank at sunset


I think April might just be one of my top months of the year. I went to two bloggers events, both organised by LDN Meet Up, a chocolate making workshop and a hula-hooping class, it was so lovely to meet some new bloggers and making chocolates maybe one of my new favourite things! 

However, the event that topped all of these things was the two days I spent sleeping outside STA by Victoria Station... The fella and I, straight after getting off the train from two days in Brighton, joined a queue to get £75 return tickets to New Zealand with stop-overs in LA. The first 50 people would get them and we were 25th and 26th in the queue. Best bargain of my life. For sure!

chocolate making workshop, chocolates on table


Revision and exams dominated the first two weeks of May but four days after my last one I hopped on an Air New Zealand plane and flew off to Auckland ready for my flight to Rarotonga. I left the fella to go and see his family and headed off for a week of beach and relaxing! 

sea view from Charlie's on Rarotonga


I spent half of June in California with the fella and stayed for a while with my cousin and his gorgeous family in Los Angeles. I got to play with their one and a half year old every day, swim and generally just have a lovely time. I got back moved out of my flat in London the same day I landed (very poor planning on my part) and headed up North to surprise my Nan on her birthday.


Harry Potter Studios happened in this month and it was good. Very good. The best maybe. I also started my summer nannying job, which was busy and tiring but also a lot of fun.

Harry Potter Studios Platform 9 3/4 luggage trolly


August bought more nannying and also a little camping trip with the fella to Dorset. It also involved a blogging conference where I learnt a huge amount of great info about blogging and also offered me the chance to do some great networking but also to meet some lovely new bloggers. Oh I also went to a flower arranging dinner, sounds kind of random but it was so much fun, I was arranging flowers for weeks afterwards.

dorset cove in summer


My fella and I ran away to Poland for a week at the beginning of September where we ate way too much food and also discovered escape rooms! I also moved into my new house in London and started a new year at university.

warsaw old town


October, also known as the best month of the year, brought with it my 22nd birthday, a day full of delicious food, family and friends. The rest of the month was mostly filled with procrastinating and eating. Oh and afternoon tea...

birthday lunch


November involved more blogging workshops, more birthday parties, the arrival of my cousins second baby (must get a plane ticket to go and see him!) and also a sneaky trip to Oxford when London just got too much. 

oxford with blue skies


Food. So much food. Christmas dinners, a bloggers Christmas dinner meet up, a sneaky uni trip to Rome and of course Christmas. It was a lovely month.

Rome skyline at dusk

It's been quite the year and I really hope that 2016 brings just as many happy memories and travels.

(What's one of your favourite memories from 2015?)


  1. This is a lovely way of reflecting on the year, I too have written a similar thing :) it looks like you had a busy year!

    1. It was so lovely to look back and realise just how much had gone on this year! Will check your post out too :)

  2. What a great year you had! I went to Harry Potter studio tour last month and loved every second - it was snowing too (I'd highly recommend going back when it's Christmas!)

    Lovely photos too! :)

    Kate xo

    1. Oh don't tempt me! I thought about re-booking for Christmas so many times, maybe next year! Thank you! x

  3. It looks like you had a packed year with all of your travelling! The blog events you mentioned sounded amazing too!
    Just followed you on Bloglovin! :)
    Becky; xxx

    1. It was pretty packed but loved every second of it! Keep an eye out on my twitter if you're ever in London as I am going to try and plan a few more myself :) x


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