Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The King & Co : Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown Popup

First off please excuse the seriously un-catchy title, could't think of anything witty as I have spent the last half an hour editing pictures of burgers and hotdogs and all my mind can focus on is food!

The King & Co Pub Clapham

A few nights ago I was invited over to Clapham to try out a new popup run by Slap & Pickle and Dogtown. I was greeted by lots of new friendly faces and twitter handles ('tis the blogger way) and we set about reading through the menu and seeing our way through a few bottles of wine!

We started off with beer-battered pickles and corndog 'pups'. Now I have to be honest I didn't hold out much hope cause I don't really like pickles and the corndog I once had in Canada scared me for life, however, I was so wrong. The pickles were delicious and came with a seriously yummy homemade ketchup and the corn pups were fabulous, they held no resemblance to the awful corndog I once ate, thank goodness!

beer battered pickes from The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

Next came the 'American' burger. Now I know it's a bit boring to say the cheese and bacon burger was my favourite but it was! The meat was perfectly cooked and the cheese oozed in all the right places. The bacon was particularly yummy and no wonder as Ed, the mastermind behind the pickles and burgers, smokes it all at home in his house in Brixton. (Reading that back I'm not sure why that would make it yummy but it does and you really should get bacon with your burger, or if you're just popping in for a drink ask for a side of bacon with your pint, not weird at all, totally normal in fact.)

american cheese burger at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

Next came the chips. Oh the chips. I love chips a lot and thinking about it I don't know anyone who doesn't. We were served their normal fries but also their chilli-cheese fries. The chilli was so good, it tasted a little different to what I expected but was all the better for it. We were all pretending to be polite and used forks but it was the kind of bowl of chips that you're totally prepared to be completely covered in by the time you're finished as they're just so good!

chips at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

After the chips came James' hotdogs. James founded Dogtown and boy should he be proud of him self. I would never usually order a hotdog but I absolutely will be doing from here from now on. The pork and beef sausage was scrummy and although I had to pick of the topping on the Korean hotdog, because I am a massive spice wimp, the flavours left behind were fabulous so I can only assume if you ate the whole thing it would be wonderful!

Korean hotdog at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

This was the point where we were all super full and really should have stopped eating but cheese. James came out of the kitchen with bowls of mac and cheese and we all miraculously had room to eat again! There were two types one with 'nduja (that's a spicy spreadable pork sausage from Italy for anyone else who would need to quickly google it under the table...) and one without. The spicephobe, me, went for the one without, which worked out pretty well seeing as everyone else went for the one with! It was pretty yummy, not the sauciest mac and cheese ever but delicious all the same

mac and cheese at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

Let's just get a second picture in here because cheese.

mac and cheese at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

At this point I really was stuffed so naturally I ate all of my pudding, a delicious homemade brownie with vanilla ice cream and a choice of three toppings, salted caramel, berry sauce and a black pepper peanut butter. I went for the berry sauce as the others weren't quite for me but it was a lovely way to finish a mammoth meal!

table at The King & Co Slap & Pickle vs. Dogtown

Dogtown vs. Slap & Pickle at The King & Co runs from Monday 30th Nov 2015 to Sunday 31st Jan 2016. To book a table drop an email to

Go while away an afternoon in a lovely pub that serves wonderful food and make sure you say hi to James and Ed in the kitchen!

(Are you a burger or a hot dog kind of person?)


  1. I'm a burger girl all the way and that burger looked perfection, I need it!! Also those chips. My god I'm hungry.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. I feel like I spend my whole life craving a burger, nothing beats them!


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