Thursday, 31 December 2015


Every year I make a few New Year resolutions and every year I completely fail at them. So this year I'm going for goals. I'm going to set myself a few goals that I can work towards without the pressure of feeling like I have failed if I let it slip every now and then.

The one thing I do tell myself every year however is to drink more water and do more exercise. The classics right? Well after a fabulous yoga class at a Bloggeration workshop I started to think that yoga could be the thing for me. And after talking to a few more bloggers one night it seemed that yoga was a goal for most of us. And lo #bloggerswhoyoga was born!

Yoga queen Adriene is starting a Yoga Camp on the 1st Jan which basically involves a new Youtube video every day for 30 days and I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep up with it! The videos will go up at 6am in Texas so that's midday in the UK. And I'm hoping that we will all be able to encourage each other over at #bloggerswhoyoga on Twitter.

Sign up here and then hop on over to Twitter and follow me and let me know you're taking part (so I can check up on how you're doing) and let's get yogaing!

N.B. I should say I have only done about 3 yoga classes in my life so am in no way an expert I am mearly there to encourage!

(If you're not a blogger please feel free to join in the chat, it was just a hashtag that was free!)


  1. I love the name of the hashtag haha! Wishing you all lots of luck in it, Yoga is a great way to exercise...especially for people like me who can't run etc. I may have to have a peek at the videos too. Thanks for sharing :P

    Danielle xo

    1. I love a not particularly smooth hashtag! Just about to do the first video, really hoping it doesn't put me off! x

  2. Sounds amazing! I hadn't even heard about this! I love doing yoga! Good luck with it, hope it goes well! x

    1. Thanks Paige, just did day 1 and was fine afterwards so that's a good start! x

  3. I love Yoga with Adriene. Fab New Year's resolution!


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