Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bloggeration Events

I can't actually remember how I found out about the Bloggeration events that Sarah was running but as soon as I did emails were sent and routes were worked out.

Bloggeration workshop space

The workshops were being held in the gorgeously instagramable space below The O Bag Factory in North London and after a little bus excursion I was greeted with smiling faces and lots of tea!

There have been three events this time round and I was lucky enough to get a space on the first two. On the first of the events we all got our craft on and Hannah, from Crafternoon Caberet Club, came in armed with wonderful ideas and some brilliant products from Zazzle so that we could craft the afternoon away.

Bloggeration workshop halloween craft suplies

We started off by making some Halloween bunting out of Halloween plates and wrapping paper and then moved on to making a little Christmas stocking. I'm a big believer in no Christmas activities before December 1st but this sneaky bit of Christmas music and fabric won't do much harm (it probably did actually cause I got really excited about Christmas and then sad that it was still so many weeks away!)

Bloggeration workshop halloween bunting
Photo taken by Sarah
Bloggeration workshop stocking materials

While all this was going on we chatted all things brands. What Sarah doesn't know about working with brands isn't really worth knowing so it was such a wonderful opportunity to pick her brain and get some plans in place to reach out.

We then got completely distracted for a short while as Basilico had sent over a couple of HUGE pizzas for lunch!

I then disappeared upstairs for what was supposed to be a minute to take a few pictures of the O Bag store and their products but then got chatting to the owner, Marcia, who encouraged me to have a play with the bags. I know that 'playing with bags' doesn't sound like much fun but there are endless combinations to be made in this little shop I just couldn't stop!

Bloggeration workshop O Bag handles
Bloggeration workshop O bags
You start by choosing what colour bag you'd like then you spend an age picking from all the lovely handles and just when you can't cope with choosing between more lovely things you get to pick an inside and a trim.

Bloggeration workshop O Bag bag

The possibilities for designs are endless and after what must have been about 40 minutes I popped back down stairs to apologise for my disappearance and collect the most wonderful goody bag and head back South.

The next workshop a few weeks later was pretty similar in terms of brand talk but completely different in activity. With a focus on health and wellbeing we started off with a juice and then a frankly wonderful hour long yoga class. I've always been a 'yoga's not for me' kind of person but my goodness Che's class made me completely change my mind.

Bloggeration workshop yoga class
Photo taken by Sarah
After some more brand talk and some delicious salads for lunch we listened to talks on life coaching, tai chi and massage. It was so interesting to hear all about three things I knew basically nothing at all about and to actually understand that Tai Chi isn't about nice gentle movements but it's actually a slowed down version of a seriously intense form of martial arts (makes you look at all those older ladies in the park doing it in a slightly different way!)

Bloggeration workshop lunch
Photo taken by Sarah
Both the workshops were fantastic, not only for the insight into working with brands and the pizza but also because of the opportunity to meet with other bloggers in a smaller group than many other workshops and actually have a chance to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences.

And the collective wonder of the amazing goody bags Sarah had sorted for us (which included much more than is shown here) were such a lovely addition to a FREE workshop. She really is quite the wonderful person and do make sure to keep an eye out for more of her events.

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  1. Love the O Bags! Can think of two people already that might like one from Santa, looking online now. Bet the Lindt 85% chocolate kept you awake that night.

    1. Definitely stay awake on a long car journey kind of chocolate!

  2. Thanks for coming to our shop, and I'm glad you enjoyed the amazing workshop Sarah put together.

    We now have a pop-up Obag shop inside piccadilly circus tube station, so do pay us a visit if you are ever in the centre of town.

    1. I will definitely check that out when I'm over that way! You're shop was a delight, thank you for having us!

  3. Thanks for coming to our shop, and I'm glad you enjoyed the amazing workshop Sarah put together.

    We now have a pop-up Obag shop inside piccadilly circus tube station, so do pay us a visit if you are ever in the centre of town.

  4. Lovely post, and gorgeous photography!

    Holly |

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