Sunday, 15 November 2015

Afternoon Tea at Claridge's

I love a good scone. No I mean I really really love them. No scrap all of that, I LOVE clotted cream. Phew, that feels better.

But in all seriousness when my wonderful housemate invited me for afternoon tea at Claridge's clotted cream was my first thought.

claridge's outside

Claridge's, which started life as a single house hotel in 1812 before becoming what we know it as today in 1856, is a pretty impressive building. It's red bricks look beautiful against the London sky and the smiling doorman always adds to the building's charm.

But let's get to the reason we're all here. Afternoon tea.

afternoon tea at claridges place setting

We were greeted by the most wonderfully friendly staff and then asked where we would like to sit. Both of us were completely overwhelmed at how beautiful everything looked so just gestured to the first table we came to (turned out to be a brilliant move as we had the best people watching spot!)

The tea menu was explained to us and we went ahead and ordered a glass of champagne too, because why not?! When ordering tea I ordered a very rare and very delicious white tea called 'Malawi Antler' of which Claridge's is one of only two places in the world that serve it but my housemate won the tea game by ordering an oolong tea called...'Iron Goddess of Mercy' (I really hope you read that it a threatening Viking kinda voice...)

claridge's afternoon tea sandwiches

The the sandwiches came. Oh boy they were delicious. There was a little slice of quiche and fingers of egg, ham, chicken, cucumber and salmon goodness. We tried to be all refined and take our time but completely failed and gobbled our way though them and were then offered some more! Naturally we said yes and then feared we wouldn't have enough room for everything else.

We needn't have worried because the scones came next. I know I've already said this but I will say it again for effect. I love scones. 

claridge's afternoon tea scones

Claridge's recommend putting the cream on first but I'm a big scone rebel and put the delicious tea-infused jam on first. (Also if you do this it means that you get the cream second and get to finish what your polite house mate has left and completely smother your face scone in clotted cream.)

We were advised to save our tea until the scones arrived so I had the perfect opportunity to make more Iron Goddess of Mercy jokes and we got completely tucked in. The scones were basically perfect and knowing we had a plate of the most beautiful little cakes to get through next was a pure joy!

claridge's afternoon tea scone and tea

This plate of cakes and patisseries was really a thing of sheer perfection. There was a choux hazelnut delight with a surprising chocolate orange thing going on in the middle, a purple lemon mouse with some hidden berries, a little coconut custard tart type thing and the best of all was a raspberry sculpture on a crispy chocolate slab. The raspberry one was genuinely one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted and really reminded me of something I used to eat as a kid on holiday in France! 

(They did all have much more attractive names than the ones I've given them but to be honest I didn't really hear what our waiter was saying at this point as I was overcome with excitement!)

claridge's afternoon tea cakes

We were offered more of everything but regrettably we were completely stuffed. We were however given a little box of cakes to take home and also a little box with two delicious truffles inside.

It was without a doubt the best afternoon tea I have ever, and probably will ever, have. I will absolutely be going back to eat more of their delicious food (and also to try and sweet talk the patisserie chef into giving me the recipe for that raspberry and chocolate dream!)

claridge's afternoon tea doormat

(Are you an afternoon tea fan? Are you a cream or jam first kinda person..?)

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  1. Cream first, to me that's the only way. Haven't tried Claridge's yet. I went to Browns and Duke's Hotel and they were both fantastic. Must try another one soon!

    1. Oh you must you must! It was such a joy! Felt so utterly spoilt!

  2. Oh my goodness, I now need as many scones and as much clotted cream as I could manage!

    Beka. xo

    1. See I feel the scone is a wonderful thing mostly because it's a carrier for the clotted cream. (that just corrected to clotted dream for some reason and it felt so appropriate!)

  3. That Tea-infused jam sounds amazing! Definitely need to find a recipe for that somewhere..! Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. :) x


    1. It was so delicious, I wasn't convinced when I read it but it was so subtle and really complemented the cream I was stuffing into my face! x

  4. Hello lovely I have just found you from the #GirlGang chat!
    For one can I just say I really like your blog design! Also, how amazing does this Afternoon Tea look?! I'm definitely a cream first kinda girl! Tea infused jam?! I need some!

    Jordan x

    1. Hey! Thank you so much, the #GirlGang logo is definitely the brightest thing on here! Seems that most people are cream first, all well all the more for me! x

  5. Ahh I've always wanted to visit Clraidges. Afternoon tea is definitely my favourite so maybe this should go on my London to-do list.

    ox Lucy //

    1. Oh absolutely, get it to the top of the list! You definitely won't regret it :)

  6. Afternoon tea at Claridges is amazing! I absolutely adore going to Claridges and it seems like you had an incredible time!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

    1. It was a wonderful time, can't wait to go back!

  7. Wow that looks like such lovely afternoon tea! The plates are especially pretty x

    1. It was the best, and everything was so pretty. Immaculate detail everywhere! x


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