Thursday, 1 October 2015

Thank You Summer

Right. October. Where did you come from? Summer seems like such a long time ago but London has given us a few gorgeous days recently which got me thinking about the last few brilliant months. So here’s a little round up of the best bits (in no particular order):

Harry Potter Studios
I was given two tickets as an 18th birthday present from my brother which for some bizarre reason I hadn’t used yet so dates were booked, movies were watched and books were re-read and we were off. The fella and I are both total HP geeks so we were in our element! I was going to write a blog post about it but I just don’t want to ruin the excitement for anyone who’s not been yet. I will say however that we were there for nearly five hours and every single second was fantastic! (Fan girl rant over.)

£75 tickets to New Zealand
The two nights I slept on the street outside STA in Victoria will be two of my favourite nights ever for a very long time. Luckily for us it didn’t rain once and Air New Zealand and STA took great care off us during the 48-hour wait for the ticket of all tickets. As Air New Zealand were celebrating their 75th birthday they had fifty £75 return tickets to Auckland with stop overs in LA. We were 24/25 in the queue and the moment we were presented with our flight conformation was basically the most exciting moment in aviation history!

Time for friends
My wonderful friend Sarah and I share mad personalities, a secret love for High School Musical, a love for baking, gap year memories and even a birthday and seeing this girl always fills me with smiles. It’s always like no time has passed at all and now we’re both so busy finding time to catch up with her is always a priority and a joy. We sat in a little cafĂ© for about three hours one day in the summer and laughed our way through lunch sharing stories and exchanging gossip!

Al fresco dinners
The fella and I, on our trans-Atlantic jaunt, hired a campervan and road tripped our way up the Pacific Coast Highway to Yosemite before heading into San Francisco. On our last night in Yosemite while driving back up to our campsite we pulled over in an empty view spot, put the Beach Boys on and cooked our dinner and ate it watching the sun go down. Magic.

Family lunch
With my sister and I in different bits of London and mum and dad back at home and all of us with very busy schedules, getting us all together can often turn into a bit of an ordeal. However, over the summer we all found ourselves having lunch in Windsor with lots to catch up on and everyone just generally taking the mickey out of each other it was everything a family lunch should be.

My mum and I drove up North to surprise my Nan for her birthday and when we got there it had turned out my sister had done the same thing! There was LOTS of cake and a lot of catching up and just generally a lot of fun.

State-side family catch ups
In a suburb of LA lives a gorgeous family who I hadn’t seen for about four years and seeing them and meeting the adorable baby Q was probably my favourite bit of summer. I count myself very lucky to be able to call these lovely people family and will take them up on their wonderful offer to stay whenever I like many more times than they perhaps thought I would!

Going somewhere new
I headed off again at the end of summer with the fella to Poland. Somewhere neither of us had been and somewhere I will definitely head back to. We travelled around by train, ate a lot of pierogi (Polish dumplings), made gingerbread and took a huge amount of photos.

So thank you summer, you were more than kind to me and filled my days with countless giggles and joys. See you next year.

(What was your best bit of summer, let me know in the comments below.)


  1. I'm hopefully heading to Poland this spring for some hiking! I live so close and never visited properly!

    1. Oh my gosh that sounds so lovely. I must go back to Poland, such an amazing place, amazing food and such friendly people! Will have a proper Poland post going up in the next few weeks too.

  2. I am so jealous of your Harry Potter trip! I'm desperate to book tickets and go as soon as I can. £75 ticket to New Zealand is an amazing steal, I hope it's a wonderful adventure! Poland looks absolutely beautiful.

    Tore | xo

    1. Oh you must, it was just a brilliant day! The trip certainly was an adventure, mishaps and fun all included! x


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