Thursday, 15 October 2015

Borough Market Haul

So, a haul post. I kind of always assumed I wouldn't do one of these but after such a successful day in borough market a few days ago with my Dad I couldn't help myself! So here it goes, my Borough Market haul...

Borough Market sign from

Bread Ahead
This bread is so delicious. I got a large white sourdough and it took all my energy not to rip chunks off it on the bus on the way home! It's lovely just as it is or with a LOT of butter and some honey, or you can get all fancy like I did and lightly toast it and serve it with some roasted garlic. (It also freezes really well, so slice the rest of it up and pop it back in the paper bag and keep it for toast. Or share it if you're in to that kind of thing...)

Neal's Yard Dairy
If you've bought bread you need to buy cheese right? So naturally we headed to Neal's Yard next and I picked up a slice of their scrummy Isle of Mull Cheddar. It's super strong so you don't need to use too much of it. I find it particularly tasty crumbled over some cottage cheese on toast then grilled, it's a creamy, cheesy slice of yum. 

Neal's Yard Cheese from Borough Market on

The Parma Ham and Mozzarella Stand
Now if you've bought bread and cheese it just makes sense to get some sort of ham and the parma ham at this stand is the best. When we got there the gentleman working was slicing up some ham for paninis at a local cafe but as soon as we tried it we just knew that we had to have some. This particular one isn't quite as pretty (if ham can be pretty) as the one they usually sell but I reckon it's a lot yummier. (Vegetarians look away now.)

Parma Ham from Borough Market on

Now as the name suggests they sell mozzarella as well and it would have been foolish to turn that down so we got a ball of that too. (I did try and take a picture but mozzarella just doesn't photograph well...)

La Tua Pasta
I LOVE pasta and have a genuinely deep mistrust of people who don't and these guys know their pasta. I got three types of their tortelloni (like tortellini but bigger), ham and cheese, butternut squash and sage and wild boar. I had the wild boar one the same night with just a little bit of olive oil, black pepper and a huge fair amount of parmesan and it was so scrumptious!

La Tua Pasta from Borough Market on

Borough Nuts
This is the sweetie stall of dreams, any kind of baklava or nuts you can think of. For as long as I have been going to Borough Market I have nipped over to have a taster of their chocolate and cinnamon covered almonds and this time I caved and bought a bag of them. They taste like Christmas (but with less guilt than when you eat a mince pie before December) and they are super moorish. Please go and try one if you're there!

Nuts from Borough Market on

So there it is my first haul. Do go to Borough Market if you find yourself in London, it's chock full of really yummy things and people are usually very willing to give you samples. And promise me you'll try some of the cinnamon chocolate nuts (unless you're allergic, then I hold no responsibility whatsoever!)

food haul from Borough Market on

(Have you been to Borough Market? What was your favourite thing you tried?)


  1. Just love the very old Comte from the French cheese stall...and the lovely smells all over the market of yummy food cooking...and the whole harvest festival thing going on wherever fresh fruit and veg is on calories in smells so time for another chocolate!

  2. I can spend so long wondering around Borough Market, it's amazing! I love looking all the lovely fresh produce.


    1. It's so gorgeous isn't it? I always try to get there early to beat the crowds, battling for samples isn't so much fun!

  3. Looks delicious! I agree, you shouldn't trust people who don't like pasta. What kind of person doesn't love spaghetti or tortelloni?

    - Courtney

    1. Right?! Best carb on the planet, hands down!

  4. I love going to Borough Market, it's a shame I haven't had time to visit in a while. I want that bread in my belly.


  5. I had the rest of it in the freezer until a few days ago when I finished it and now I NEED to go back for more! x


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