Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Big Blogger Conference

On Saturday a flurry of bloggers descended on London for the Big Blogger Conference organised by LDNmeet. We met at in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine at Hotel Russell.

hotel russell in the sunshine in London

The morning started with three talks from three gurus of the blogging world: Elizabeth, who explained the wonderful thing that is Pinterest and how to use it to our advantage; Jasmin, who talked about SEO in an easy to understand, humorous and informative way and Sarah, who covered all things blogs and brands related. All three of these women were completely inspiring and I would throughly recommend having a read through their blogs.

We then had a little break for lunch where Kate and I ran over to The Hoxton Hotel to the Bloggers' Market and then ran back again in time for the brand exhibition. (I then got very excited and basically forgot to take pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it that all the brands tables looked fab!)

Suti Skincare at the Big Blogger Conference
Suti Skincare 
Beaubronz at the Big Blogger Conference
jewellerybox at the Big Blogger Conference

There were LOADS of brands there; House of Fraser, My Protein, Shoeaholics, jewellerybox.com, Sass, Suti Skincare, Bee Good, The Parlour and Deborah Mitchell to name just a few.

watterfall braid by The Parlour at the Big Blogger Conference

I stood in line and waited for The Parlour to do wonderful things with my hair before spending a fair while lusting over Shoeaholics shoes.

Kurt Geiger shoes at the Big Blogger Conference

We had loads of time to have a really good chat with the brands, get to know what they're all about and what they believe in. Despite being the kind of day when I would usually rather be outside the Big Blogger Conference was such a fun and exciting event to be at and I now have lots of tweaking to do to my blog. 

It also made me bite the bullet and get started on Twitter so if you're that way inclined I would really appreciate a little follow...

gifts from the Big Blogger Conference

The brands were so utterly generous with their gifting I came away with so many fantastic products to try out and review. I finished a wonderful day with an outdoor play and a roam around the streets of the brilliant (and sometimes sunny) city of London.

View of London from the Duke of Steps in London



  1. Wow! I have never been to a blog conference before.
    But this looks really fun. I'd love to go to one and check out all the brands.

    My Blog

    1. Oh it was so much fun, but a very long day Ellen! You should keep and ear out for them for sure. :)

  2. Looks amazing! Love Suti & Bee Good x


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