Thursday, 2 July 2015


I have been a bad blogger. Nay an almost non-existent-blog-posts blogger. A combination of exams, moving flats and holidaying completely distracted me but things are almost back to normal now and I have a fair few holiday snaps to share with you. So we'll pop back to the beginning of April, to when I should have posted this, and act like the three months in-between were a lot busier than they perhaps were!

When Kate from CoffeeSugarLemonade text me a few months ago and told me about this event I got myself on the list as quickly as I could then looked forward to it all during lent!

A group of us bloggers all got together on a dreary morning in Hackney and proceeded to learn about, make and most importantly, eat lots of chocolate. MyChocolate was set up 12 years ago by the inspiring Hannah Saxton and has since gone from strength to strength. 

We started by tasting a few different types of chocolate, from the very pure expensive kind to, what our instructor Davis described as, 'advent calendar chocolate'... We also tried some lemon and poppy seed chocolate and dark chocolate flavoured with cardamom.

Davis started to loose our attention somewhat though when bowls full of delicious looking and smelling melted chocolate were bought over to our tables.

Kate and I then worked as a chocolate dream team until she got chocolate all over herself and the girl behind her when things declined into fits of giggles! Thankfully Davis was on hand for top tips for getting chocolate out of your clothes. (Dab at it with hot water and a tea towel FYI).

After we pulled ourselves together the bowls of milk chocolate arrived and the decorating commenced. We armed ourselves with chopped nuts, coconut, cocoa powder, transfer sheets and chocolate shards and got to work.

The chocolates I didn't eat as I was decorating them got popped into a little gift box and wrapped ready to eat on the bus take home.

I had such a brilliant morning and it was a complete joy to meet Elle, Fran, Leanne, Ashleigh, Amanda and Hayley who were on the same table as me and Kate and massive thank you to Lauren for organising such a fun event.

Hannah now also has a secondary company, The Chocolate Hedgehog, where you can buy a kit to host your own chocolate filled party. However if you're looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to have a mess around with word on the chocolate covered street is that Sainsbury's Basics is the way to go for a cheap but good quality alternative. So cover your kitchen in baking parchment and get making!



  1. Ah I loved reading this and reminiscing on that day! It still makes me laugh that Kate managed to coat herself in chocolate...was so nice to meet you girls! x

    1. Was such a fun afternoon! Was great meeting you too, you heading to the conference on Saturday? x


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