Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life on Rarotonga

I recently spent just over a week on the beautiful Cook Island, Rarotonga. I was ready for sun, sand, a blue blue sea, planting myself on the beach with a good book and just generally being a bit anti-social and recovering from my exams. However the island had a slightly different plan for me...

Sea scape in Rarotonga

I stayed at Backpackers International and aside from the daily 4am rooster wake up call it was perfect. I managed to become an expert at 3 minute showers from fear of the mosquitos and with my room being next to the avocado tree I was always the first to hear them fall and would nip out to grab them, even in the middle of the night, to make sure I beat the chickens to it.

For the first few days I was Queen of early nights, avocado picking, coconut drinking and reading. Then Hayley, who I had met very briefly at the airport, turned up and we were girl pals extraordinaire for the rest of the trip! 

Beach swing in Rarotonga

We spent nearly everyday lying in the sun on the beach just chatting about anything and everything, collecting coconuts to try and open with out damaging ourselves too much, hitch hiking around the island and hiding from the rain showers in cafes. 

The island is only 32km in circumference so exploring was pretty easy to do. Most of the easy beaches to get to are in front of fancy resorts but after a little hunt we came across a completely deserted beach by some empty holiday homes. We spent an afternoon dipping in and out of the sea and trying to get the island dogs to fetch sticks (we completely failed at this, they just stand and look at you like you're a bit bonkers)!

deserted beach on Rarotonga

going to church on Rarotonga
Photo  taken by Hayley.

However after what had been a beautifully smooth running and relaxing nine days things all took a dramatic turn on the last night of the trip after a meal out with Hayley and our friend Charlotte. (If 'Hitch Hiking Gone Wrong' was a show we would definitely have got a prime spot...) 

clouds at sunset on Rarotonga

small island in clear blue sea off Rarotonga

So rather than this turning into a strangely gushy post about a new friend it's more about an attitude change. I was more than ready to spend a week or so hanging out on my own with a book but life stepped in, and I am so glad it did. Because if it hadn't, despite the odd scar and scratches, I would have missed out on meeting two brilliant girls and we would never have bagged ourselves the ultimate holiday selfie...

...eating chips for lunch in the local police station.

I was dressed to fly back to New Zealand, not just really cold!

So here's to life stepping in, and here's to the people you meet when it does.



  1. These photos are so beautiful, I'm very jealous! I love that you could just pick up avocados from the tree, how heavenly. I had a friend who went to Rarotonga this summer (winter?) and she said it was incredible, so I definitely need to add it to the bucket list.

    Liza xxx

    1. Oh thank you so much! It is an incredible place, not a huge amount of beach to lie on but still an amazing island. x


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