Thursday, 7 May 2015

Brioche Covent Garden

Disclaimer: I am going to lose my cool completely about how much I love this restaurant. Please also excuse the photo quality, I wasn't planning on doing the 'blogger thing' so only had my phone with me but I couldn't resist.

A few nights ago I organised to have a catch up with some old school friends at a little pop-up I had seen on Instagram. I didn't really have any expectations other than a yummy burger so was thrilled with how the meal turned out.

Brioche is squeezed in-between Be at One and Jo Allen's just opposite the stage door of the Lyceum Theatre. And the decor is just my cup of tea. Full of bits and bobs and blackboards it's a feast for the eyes before you've even had a chance to look at a menu.

As the name suggests the main focus is the brioche buns which all the burgers are served in but there is also a lot more to the menu than just burgers.

We all went for the three course menu, struggling to pick as all the choices sounded so delicious. I started with the asparagus spears with a perfectly poached egg smothered in hollandaise and parmesan. 

For my main course the chef very kindly let me swap out the lamb burger for the buttermilk chicken burger as I had seen it on Instagram and knew that it was the one for me! It didn't disappoint. 

The lamb burger in the background was also seriously yummy.

Each of the burgers came with a little pot of chippy perfection. I'm not sure how they make their chips but they were so good I battled through being worryingly full just to finish them. (Our puddings actually arrived before I had finished them and I still refused to give them up!)

I was a bit worried at this point as I was pretty full. The kind of full where you question ringing an ambulance for a lift home. But then I saw my millionaire shortbread sundae come round the corner and suddenly the pudding section of my stomach (which is definitely a real thing) was ready and raring to go. I was actually so ready to get stuck in that I forgot to take a picture before I had already gobbled a fair few spoonfuls...

So there it is. My new favourite restaurant in London and one of my top five places to eat anywhere.
It was all seriously good and at £17.50 for three courses in central London quite frankly a bit of a bargain too! 

Check out their website and drop them an email if you want to book. Although it's a pop-up they're not thinking of moving anytime soon so don't panic if you can't get there yet but definitely pop it to the top of your list.


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