Sunday, 19 April 2015

Easter Lambs

On Tuesday afternoon, after a brownie baking session I had the complete joy of heading over to our family friend's farm to have a little look at some lambs. When we got there it turned out that instead of just getting to stroke a lamb or two, like we thought we would be, my mum and I were actually going on a little tour of the farm to check up on the ewes who were expecting. 

We headed out of the farm yard after saying a quick hello to the cows and headed off towards the field with the ewes expecting just one lamb. 

We rounded up the little lambs who had been born the day before so that we could dock their tails and give them a number. Lucy the shepherdess rounded them up with complete ease and I got a chance to have a little cuddle with each of the lambs and even had a go at popping the band round one of their tails.

We drove round to the field of ewes expecting twins and again rounded up the new ones and marked them up with their numbers and I took my chance to have a few more cuddles!

This new mummy had given birth to these two lambs about fifteen minutes before we arrived so we had a quick look and left her to it.

We made sure all the expecting ewes were doing well and made our way back to the farm house for tea and cake.

We had a completely unexpectedly brilliant afternoon in the beautiful weather, however I didn't manage to convince my mum to let us keep one. Next time.


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