Saturday, 28 March 2015

Putting the Pro in Procrastination


Now uni has finished for Easter and I have essays and a lot of revision to do naturally I have started procrastinating to a whole other level. My procrastination tactics today alone have stretched from tidying, to going through all my photos from travelling and ridiculously enough watching a video all about how to stop procrastinating...

So before I knuckle down and actually put pen to paper here are a few of the links which have kept me from working this morning:

I spent ages looking through this article about breakfast around the world which subsequently led me to start Googling and find what Grandmas from around the world eat. Still not sure this counts as procrastination. Might kid myself and put in under the category of 'inspiration'.

MapCrunch has become a bit of an obsession recently. I've been using it to try and curb the wanderlust which is taking over my brain! It plops you down in the middle of random places all over the world and it's brilliant!

This website has all the good classic Disney films in one place. This is not good news for my degree...

These pretty vintage book covers.

Kitchen Ghosts is a website where you can watch cooking cinemagraphs made by the talented Dasha and Olya and I like it a lot!

Those are just a few and of course Pinterest played a big role too.

According to this website "a moderate level of noise enhances creativity" so I've set up some rain on my iPad by my window as creativity is precisely what I am going to need to make it seem like I understood my philosophy module this year! 

Image: Pinterest

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