Monday, 2 March 2015

Five Happy Things #2

1. This banana bread. I know I've already mentioned it in the last happy things post but seeing as the delight of it carried on well into this week it wouldn't be right not to include it! I was going to do a recipe post but I just followed Joy's recipe exactly so it's easier for us all if I just point you in her direction...

2. Winning a prize to go and see Horrible Histories through Sainsbury's Magazine. I was aiming for the spa day but I'm pretty chuffed!

3. Going home for the weekend and baking what I am going to refer to as macarons (more like little almond cakes, but still really yummy)

4. When the clouds did this...

5. Buying loads of baking bits and bobs from Wilco for under £10. I am now extremely excited to bake some biscuits.

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