Thursday, 19 February 2015

Smack Deli

Yesterday afternoon as I was sat in my room procrastinating from getting my stuff ready to go home for a few days I got a text from my sister which simply said "Lobster rolls?"

Suddenly I was up and out, marching towards the tube station and making my way to Bond Street.

This was all great until I remembered that it's Half Term this week so naturally the streets are teeming with tourists. I squished myself onto the tube and dodged my way down Oxford Street to meet my sister outside Smack Deli on Binney Street.

After a little deliberation in front of the menu board we both decided to go for a 'California' roll (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado mayo with lime and chives) and share a side of courgette fries.

They were, it has to be said, pretty delicious. There was only half of one baby tomato in them, so putting tomato on the menu seemed a little bit generous, but seeing as I picked mine out and gave it to my sister it really wasn't that big a deal!

The bun was super buttery and had just the right amount of crunch and the fries were pretty good too.

We sat downstairs in what felt like a bit of a hipster cave having a catch up and secretly listening in to other people's conversations before heading back up to the beautiful Spring-like day.

We went for a little stroll around the sun-soaked city before heading back over the river to Borough for a pudding of tasters in the market. Nothing better than free pudding, not even lobster rolls.


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