Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Paris is always a good idea.

As I mentioned in Sunday's post my dad and sister planned a little trip to Paris for the four of us. After checking we were all free and my last minute dash back to London to fetch my passport we found ourselves at St.Pancras ready for the wonders and weather Paris had in store for us.

We were only there for about 26 hours so we visited some old favourite places but also a few new ones. My sister and I headed to the bookshop at Centre Pompidou where I bought a load of colouring books and maps. In France they use colouring as a kind of stress therapy and while I'm not that stressed it seems like a great way to procrastinate a bit!

I raced off on Saturday morning, after a monstrous breakfast, to climb up the Arc de Triomphe to try and catch a glimpse of the whole city through the clouds and then met everyone for lunch at Angelina where I proceeded to drink far more hot chocolate than is socially acceptable.

We spent the rest of our time in Paris just walking around, dipping in and out of cafes to shelter from the rain and standing under umbrellas waiting for me to take pictures.

After a long snooze on the Eurostar we were back in London by dinner, full of food and full of lovely memories.

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