Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Paris is always a good idea.

As I mentioned in Sunday's post my dad and sister planned a little trip to Paris for the four of us. After checking we were all free and my last minute dash back to London to fetch my passport we found ourselves at St.Pancras ready for the wonders and weather Paris had in store for us.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Five Happy Things #1

Just a little collection of things that have made me happy in the past week.

1. This egg yolk in a bowl. Small pleasures!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Smack Deli

Yesterday afternoon as I was sat in my room procrastinating from getting my stuff ready to go home for a few days I got a text from my sister which simply said "Lobster rolls?"

Suddenly I was up and out, marching towards the tube station and making my way to Bond Street.

This was all great until I remembered that it's Half Term this week so naturally the streets are teeming with tourists. I squished myself onto the tube and dodged my way down Oxford Street to meet my sister outside Smack Deli on Binney Street.


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pull Your Finger Out!

Now I do appreciate that this is a slightly crude name for a first post on a new blog but seeing as I have been talking about starting a blog for TWO YEARS it feels apt. I started writing my first blog on the 9th December 2012 and as much as I would like to link you to it, I can't. I never clicked 'publish'...

So here it goes. A blog to be taken seriously. A blog to actually write posts for and put a little effort into.

Turns out the last two years of my life have easily been the most exciting two years of my life, so while I shall try to post about my life now a little time travel will be in order every so often.

Here we go!

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